Thank you for your interest in the Many Healthy Lungs project please fill-out the below survey to register your interest. One of our team members will get back to you ASAP.

The Many Healthy Lungs project is looking at using breathing tests to help Aboriginal people who have sick lungs get the right medicine to feel better. Having sick lungs is one of the main reasons why Aboriginal people need to go to hospital.

We need to do breathing tests on healthy people so that doctors can see the difference between good lungs and sick lungs.

You can be a part of this project if you or your kids...

  1. Are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian
  2. Have never smoked more than 100 cigarettes (5 packs)
  3. Have never been told by a doctor you have a lung disease like asthma or COPD

Please allow at least 1 hour for your breathing test.

Reimbursement will be offered in-kind for your time or transport can be organised if required.

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